what a mysterious
wonderful thing!

yes, it is ‘in-to-me see’!
what i want
you to see
who you are,
inside me.

when we met
you entered me;
became mine.

i did that too,
and became you.

and how,
you are mine
what i want you to see;

because this ‘you’,
is not only mine,
it is’me’.

but this ‘you’
is yours too;
as it is,
about you.

till this new ‘you’
you don’t see –
you that are mine,
the ‘you’ that is me –

how will you know,
all that you are;
and be,
all you can be.

is the ‘you’in your child
that you see:
the seed you left in me;
and i mother.

and the seed i left in you
that you mother as ‘me’


Waking up to love



you wake up, heavy –
a groggy head 
dull, oily face;

a touch of my fingers;
a brush of my wet lips
somewhere on your face;

a gentle accordion, 
playing a song of love,
your heart pulsates;

and your face
and lights up
a translucent glass
your heart aglow

and you awaken.
an angel
irradiating beauty.

(March 23, 2013)

Invitation of broken dreams – a poem in Hindi


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तन्हाईयों में कभी अगर
पुरानी यादें सताती है
और नन्हें सपने
बड़ी ख्वाहिशों का एहसास
फिर से होता है
तो ज़रुरी नहीं…

ज़रूरी नहीं कि तुम
उन सपनों को साकार करो
या ख्वाहिशों को अंजाम दो

पुकार दिलकी
शायद ये है
फिरसे सपने देखो
तमन्नाओं कि तस्वीरों को उभरने दो
ख्वाहिशों कि कशिश महसूस करो

ज़िन्दगी शायद
वहीं से शुरू होती है
सपनों में, ख्वाहिशों में
ज़िन्दगी शायद रूप लेती है

(March 23, 2013)

Love pains, and pangs


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the pulsating pain,

of love sitting
and unreceived,
seeking an end.

my bosom, a lump; 
and limp
it knows;

a knife will pass. 
as if was hot butter!

(March 8, 2013)

reality shines
like the sun;
turns my heart
into hard earth.

then, love rains
softens it:
tiny feet
of loved ones,
and life
walking across,
batters my soil;

gives my heart
a loamy richness;
to nurture,
more life.

(March 5, 2013)

Receive me, Reflect me


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when i am angry…
hold my hand.
and if i am hurting,
simply hold my hand.
even when i am lusting,
just hold my hand.

Because, it is not… 
about you, you see;
it is simply…
about me.

don’t believe my words
or, listen to me.
hear me, see me.
BE me.

i don’t need to be heard,
or accepted.
nor need you to understand,
or agree.
and i need, not your compassion.
your passion.

all i need…
is you. 
fully mine…
to be, 
full of me.
and through that
for you

to give back,
to me.

don’t tell me, “i love you”;
just… receive me.

and then, someday…
give me back this gift; 
a chance to…
receive you.

(March 3, 2013)

pull of fantasies


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you sit on the precipice
of your darkest and dirtiest
of their primal pull

the steep drop,
into them,
is not meant to be looked
with a stolen
sideways glance
or explored
step by miserly step

your fantasies call out to you
let go! jump!
raw and defenseless;
unprepared you need to come!

they call out to you;
allow those thousand hands
to feel you as they roam,
and those searching tongues
to explore you as they foam;

allow them
to tear you open;
to explode you,
not into a million pieces;
but to turn the every other
for whom you lust,
and every concept and form
into divine cosmic dust.

when you explode
into, and as, the orgasm
you will see
you are simply
this exploding universe.


2 faces of love


Love can have 2 aspects… facets, if you will.

when i feel totally one – fully connected – with someone… there is no me, or the other… there is just this soup of being.

and then there is this other facet – found so much in sufism…
when there seems to be a bit left… when the connection is not total…
when there seems to be a gap… between me and the loved one…
then, there is a sweet painful kind of tug… a pining… and…
a joy of surrender, and immersion… mixed with a greed for total dissolution.

both are beautiful, no?

thank you purvi… for pushing me to look at what romance is all about.

Ablaze (Don’t be fooled)


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don’t be fooled

my soothing voice
and wise words;
my light touch
and gentle gaze;

don’t be fooled!
they hide;

i am ablaze.

a wild creature
roams inside 
and fills me;

of its passion,
and wanton wants;
its intense desire,
to claw and bite,
to penetrate deep,
to explode…
and burst you 
into stardust.

but don’t be fooled;
the beast is tender,
and beautiful.

it wants not 
to hurt you
or annihilate;
but to die
unto you
and turn you 
into a million stars.

and fill the universe
with you.

(June 25, 2013)

(i had titled this “Don’t be fooled”, and a friend commented to this on my FB wall with “inside, you are ablaze”. and i thought, it was a better pointer. 🙂 )